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Mission Statement of the Food Process Engineering Group

It is the mission of the ETH - Food Process Engineering laboratory

  1. To understand transformation of bio-materials during physical, physico-chemical and bio-chemical processing treatment for food production, food preparation and food digestion on the relevant length and time scales from the molecular level to the macroscopic level.
  2. To develop new experimental and modelling tools for the quantitative characterization of process-structure-property relationships of food systems.
  3. To develop new technologies/processes for tailored processing of nano-/micro structure engineered foods with well-defined product characteristics considering the Preference, Acceptance and Need profiles of consumers and derive optimization and scaling rules.
  4. To develop methodologies and optimization criteria for functional food formulation and it’s processing in order to support human health and prevention of diseases from the personal to the public health level.
  5. To anchor the group’s research in the societal and environmental frame of the ETH World Food System with global perspective, aiming for support in problem solving in the target domains of food security (i), food quality and safety (ii), public health (iii) and environmental sustainability (iv).
  6. To translate the knowledge gained in research into comprehensive teaching for world-class education of food engineers and food scientists with the best disciplinary expertise and pronounced global responsibility attitude concerning food security, quality and safety, food and public health as well as environmental sustainability.
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