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Process Engineering and Emulsions

Dr. Simon Kuster

Investigation on Hemp Cellulose Nano Fibrils

Lea Pokorny

Dynamically enhanced membrane aeration for confectionery products

Process Engineering and Extrusion

Dr. Martin Laporte

Process engineering: extrusion

Process Engineering and Foams

Yi Chen

Bread 4.0

Dr. Simon Kuster

Industrial collaboration investigating gluten and gluten-free bakery goods

Zuzana Sedivà

Low Capital Expenditure Technology for Frozen Products

Judith Wemmer

Development of a dry foam structure system with tailored properties upon reconstitution

Process Engineering and Powders

Linda Brütsch

Development of a combined milling-drying-classifying technology for a selection of crop seeds

Socrates Foschini

Development of an Additively Manufactured Food Product Based on Selective Laser Sintering of Powders with Tailored Properties upon Reconstitution

Pascal Guillet

Development of a new technology to generate low-calorie food systems with dispersed solid, fluid and gas fractions and tailored properties

Gene Lam

Optimisation of short time sterilisation process for thermal-labile powder and capsule system with preserved quality

Process Engineering and Suspensions

Damien Dufour

HUSTOMAG project

Lucas Grob

Premium Schokoladenprodukte auf Basis eines integrierten nachhaltig optimierten Produktionskonzeptes von der Vorkristallisation bis zum Endprodukt

Lucie Rejman

Optimierte Kühlprozesse zur nachhaltigen Herstellung von gefüllten Schokoladenprodukten mit verbesserter Qualität

Material Science of Interfaces and Surfactants

Dr. Simon Kuster

HagFish - slime, protein fibres, intermediate filaments, hydrogel, and food

Pascal Bertsch

Interfacial Stabilization by nanocrystalline Cellulose

Lukas Böni

Bioinspired materials - hagfish slime as biomimetic model

Merel van den Berg

Non-linear interfacial rheology of cellulose nanocrystals at air/water interfaces

Material Science and Magneto-responsive Phospholipids

Stéphane Isabettini

SMhardBi’s - Stable, Magneto-responsive and hard Bicelles

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